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Back Walking / Ashiatsu

Back Walking Massage / Ashiatsu Therapy in Dallas, TX

Ashiatsu is an ancient form of bodywork derived from Buddhist monks, and it's, sometimes referred to as barefoot Shiatsu. The word Ashiatsu combines two Japanese words "ashi" - "foot" and "atsu" - "pressure".

The therapist supports themselves with bars suspended from the ceiling while applying different strokes with their clean, soft feet along the back of your body. The therapist uses various techniques on the soft tissues that surround the muscles.

Ashiatsu is a combination of a deep flowing strokes and compression of the muscles amd is best when done in a series of massages so that results can be seen.

With Back Walking / Ashiatsu, the bodies desire to remember what "normal" is comes back naturally and effortlessly. This type of massage is recommended for more experienced spa-goers since you can betaking a considerably amount of pressure in one spot.

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