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Auriculotherapy Services in Dallas, TX

Auriculotherapy or Auricular Therapy is an alternative holistic method of healing. Instead of using needles seeds are placed on the patients ears on corresponding reflex points.

This method is great for people who are interested in Acupuncture but are not to fond of needles, it can also be used to compliment the Acupuncture Therapy. Using the proper equipment one can diagnose where the specific problems in your body are by observing the structure, color, and other facts that your ears give off. By stimulating the corresponding points in your ears, these points send signals to your brain and help improve circulation in the proper meridians to help improve your health. The more you stimulate the seeds the more benefit you will receive from this therapy. You can also take the seeds home after being taught how to use them properly and continue practicing this therapy on yourself.

Originating with physicians in China, stimulation of acumeridian points in the ear is known to have a long history of success in bringing about health improvements.

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